NewsMakerPRO Comes with some Settings which helps getting proper content. those are explained below

Setting 1: Remove Duplicate posts While Creating new Posts -: When you Enable this option it avoids those posts which are already created by NewsMakerPRO. 

Setting 2: Do not create post if Featured image is Missing -: Sometime the rss sources or the content captured from do not have Featured images associated with the articles, at that time NewsMakerPRO tries to capture image from the Article Body, but if that Article have no images it may damage the look and feel of your website, so enabling this option avoids those articles which do not have any image.

Setting 3: Enable Google Translate -: When you enable google translate you can translate all the posts into any language supported by google translate, this helps when you have blog written into language other than english and want to add article which is written in english. You Also need to setup the Google Cloud Translate Key and Language to use this option

Setting 4: Enable Spin Rewrite [Title Excluded] -: When you Enable this option NewsMakerPRO use SpinRewriter API to Spin article body to generate unique Article which helps you increase the SEO Ranking of your website. you also need to setup the SpinRewriter Email and key to use this option.

Setting 5: Capture Full Article -: By default All sources do not provide complete article, when you enable this option, NewsMakerPRO uses inbuilt Article Scrapping Algorithm to scrap whole content from article url, this allows you to keep your users on your website and avoid the redirection, but to avoid any copyright issue you must make sure that your Wordpress theme allows you to add credit urls, NewsMakerPRO stores the Excerpt URL but your theme must need to have support to show the Excerpt URL/Original Source